What type of tours does The Pineapple EXP offer in Honolulu, HI?

Our Intimate Hawaii Tour offers a unique and personalized exploration of the stunning Hawaiian islands. With a small group setting, participants can enjoy an exclusive and immersive experience, discovering the beauty of Hawaii in a more private and relaxed atmosphere. From secluded beaches to hidden gems, our carefully crafted itinerary ensures a deep connection with the local culture and natural wonders. Enjoy the luxury of personalized attention, unique insights, and the enchanting landscapes of Hawaii on this intimate journey

How do the circle island tours provided by The Pineapple EXP differ from other tours?

Unlike larger tours, our intimate setting ensures a small group, allowing for a more profound connection with the destination. We prioritize secluded and lesser-known spots, providing participants with a genuine and private encounter with Hawaii’s natural beauty. Our carefully crafted itinerary emphasizes personalized attention, enabling a deeper immersion into the local culture and environment. With a focus on authenticity and exclusivity, our tour aims to create lasting memories in a more relaxed and intimate setting, setting it apart from conventional mass tourism experiences

Are the tours suitable for all age groups, including families?

Yes indeed! If you scroll through our reviews you will see “Even our kids had fun!” sprinkled throughout.

What are some of the key sights and attractions included in the tours?

All of our stops were handpicked and designed to pique your interest and curiosity. However, we are the only tour that makes a stop at Maka’pu’u lookout, giving you the option to scale the cliffs and enter fox holes from WWII.

How does The Pineapple EXP ensure small group sizes for a more personalized experience?

Even though our vans could fit more, we make sure that no more than 13 passengers are admitted per vehicle.

Does The Pineapple EXP provide any complimentary items, such as a Dole Pineapple?

Yes indeed! We offer one fresh Dole Pineapple per party. And yes, you are able to take these pineapples with you on the plane with NO extra paperwork (If you are traveling within the United States)!

Can The Pineapple EXP accommodate special requests or customize the tour for private groups?

Our private group tours are fully customizable!

How experienced are the tour guides with The Pineapple EXP?

The owners of the Pineapple EXP personally vet the new prospective tour guides, giving them stress tests, history exams to ensure the best experience possible!

What is the duration of a typical circle island tour with The Pineapple EXP?

Pickups start at 7, and on the weekends we are usually back around 4:30pm – 5pm while on the weekdays we are usually back 5pm-5:45pm. Please keep in mind that this is all contingent on traffic conditions.

How can customers book a tour with The Pineapple EXP, and what is the booking process?

The easiest way to book with us would be through our website. You would simply click one of the “Book Now” buttons on our site and you are on your way!

How far in advance do customers need to book their tour?

The earlier, the better. However, if it is the night before and you have one available day, feel free to see if we have any availabilities!

Does The Pineapple EXP provide hotel pick-up and drop-off services?

As long as your hotel is in Waikiki we will be able to give you FREE pickup and drop off from your hotel! (Please note; for private tours, we pickup outside of the stated area for a fee.)

What should customers bring or wear during the tour for the best experience?

The best thing to do is wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Closed toe is preferred. We do recommend that you wear your swimsuit under your regular clothes to save time if you are expecting to go snorkeling. Please remember to bring cash for lunch (and if you would like to tip your driver) because the place that we go to only accepts cash.

How can customers provide feedback or reviews after their tour with The Pineapple EXP?

Being a small company here on Oahu, reviews are extremely important to us. We would love to hear how you enjoyed your experience or how you think we could improve. We are all ears!

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