Honolulu Island Tour

Absolutely amazing time spent with our guide Tyrone and the crew! We are all from different parts of the world and Hawaii brought us together. Hit all the great spots and the garlic shrimp lunch was YUMMMM! Take this tour at the beginning of your trip so you can visit all the hidden gems yourself later. Stay tuned till the end so you know why it is called pineapple EXP!

Here at The Pineapple EXP, we believe that traveling is more than just checking off attractions on a list. It’s about forging meaningful connections, immersing yourself in the local culture, and discovering the hidden gems that make Oahu truly special. With us, you’ll experience the island through the eyes of a friend, as we share our passion and knowledge with you every step of the way.

Ying J

Discover Oahu's Beauty with the Tour that Everyone's Talking About

I cannot recommend this tour enough to anybody who has not seen the island of Oahu yet. Every stop was excellent and our tour guide, PE, was incredible. Her ongoing dialogue, history and explanations of places and things were so enlightening and interesting that it really made the tour even more pleasurable. I also felt safe with her driving!

I have already posted on Facebook how much we loved this tour, and I will recommend it to all my family and friends.

Lynn A.

Would Book This Again!

This tour was fantastic. Our tour guide Ryan was lots of fun.
He showed us so many beautiful places and he was full of knowledge.
We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.
Id also like to thank Ryan for being so great with our little boy Kai.

Sonya H

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