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The First Cornhole Competition

It used to be a large carport but now there is a trash bin that’s stored there. However, there still is ample enough room for movement of many. So the many of us used it. Thursday 4/14/2022, We (The Pineapple EXP) put on a Cornhole competition at the Polynesian Hostel on Lewers street. To be honest, we didn’t have any fancy equipment or flashy lights but we had something that the hostel adults loved even more than that; free beer. And Cornhole, of course. It started slow but quickly bloomed into something we hoped for but quite honestly didn’t expect. It turned into one heck of a night. Two Cornhole sets all together. One all black, the other patterned in three different colors. I had the honor of being able to play against what turned out to be the winning team. Team “La Empanadas Fritas Simpre!”. Ironically, they were the combination of two loosing teams -we accidentally made the teams uneven and needed one more made up team to fill in the missing spot. It worked out perfectly what with the originally loosing two teaming up and becoming the comeback kids! I felt like I was in Rudy, watching the underdogs assemble and take over. The night was a great one and I’m looking forward to the Thursdays to come!